Fly Lines & Backing
Midgar Følgesven Rod Series are developed to cover the fishing we do ourselves; fishing for game fish  up to 12-15 kg with single handed rods in freshwater, saltwater or rivers, using larger nymphs, streamers, salmon flies or tubeflies. Midgar Følgesven Rod Series are design to give great feeling to the cast and to the fish when playing them. All componets are saltwater resistant. Based on the size of fish you are searching for, we have 3 tools for you; firstly; a 9 feet 1 inch long rod that will cast lines from about 12,5 grams (200 grains) +/- 10%, secondly; a 9 feet 3 inch rod that will cast lines from 15,6 grams (240 grains) +/- 15%, and lastly, a 9 feet 5 inch rod that will do the heavy work and cast lines around 18 grams (280 grains) +/- 20%. The line weight window for fly rods are wider than most of us think. How much load a rod needs to deliver the line you have put on it, is also largely dependent on preferred casting style and use of muscle power to load the rod to the preferred feel of load in the rod before releasing the line in the final forward cast. Typically, a rod used for overhead casting can reach a preferred load of feel with a lighter line compared to when you are to do a speycast, just because of the nature of the casts themselves. You are more than welcome to test our rods with your own preferred lines or with our own custom build Midgar flylines, and finetune the choice of lines to your choice of casts.Midgar Følgesven fly rods are assembled with the finest and most durable components rods can get. Oversized snake guides from Hopkins & Holloway from England, stripper guides from japanese Fuji and floor grade cork grips from Portugal.
Fly Rods