large - 24 pc
Midgar Coneheads for tubeflies are custom made to fit the modern tube fly tying concept with attached cone head in front of the tubefly. They have an extra wide innerdiameter to easily slip over Midgar innertubing in addition to an extra large hole in the back to cover tie in and tie off spots of your tubefly. Midgar Coneheads are delivered in painted colors; fluo hot pink, fluo hot orange, fluo red orange, deep red, fluo green and fluo chartreuse, and in metallic colors in nickle, gold, black nickle and copper, in the sizes x-small, small, medium and large. The sizes of coneheads cooresponds to Midgar Tubefly Tubing; small cone on small innertubing, medium cone to medium innertubing, and large cone to large innertubing.
Midgar Tubefly Conehead, Fluo Hot Orange
1 pc4.45

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