.. / Midgar Tempelhundhår / Midgar Tempelhundhår 2,5-4 cm
Midgar Templehair 2,5-4 cm is the absolutely finest genuine templehair available, and is the ultimate material for making tear-drop shaped, wiggling wings on any salmon flies, tied on hooks or tubes. The hair has a fine crimped structure with lots of shine and luster. Midgar Templehair 2,5-4 cm are offered in 49 great colors. The skin patch before dying is 4 x 6 cm.

Midgar Templehair, neck`n body, is the finest Templehair available. The hair come from extra selected skins with soft and dense fur with even hair tips. The hair has a fine-crimped structure, and is the ideal choice for any salmon- and seatrout fly, or for any streamer fly, fished in the lake, river or salt!

The skin piece is approximately 4 x 6 cm before it is dyed. After dying we wash, rinse and treat the hair with a balsam special made for dyed hair. In addition to giving the hair its natural shine and structure back, the balsam also takes away all excess color from the dying process, so the hair is 100% clean when you get it.

The length of the hair is within the stated length range, but no hair are shorter than stated. However, as black is very often used to top the wing, the hair length on the black pieces are in the upper range of the stated length range given. You can order larger skin pieces if you would like that. Call!
.. / Midgar Tempelhundhår / Midgar Tempelhundhår 2,5-4 cm

Midgar Tempelhundhår

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